I first became interested in tracing my family history in 1999. I also started to trace my husband's family. I have decided it is time to publish some of my findings on this site.

As far as I am aware I haven't included any living people. I started by only including basic birth, marriage and death information, but I have now included other information.

I have more information than is presented here, and also information about others connected with these families. I haven't included sources, but they are available on request. I give no guarantees as to the accuracy of the information and there are bound to be errors and omissions. It is still work in progress and I hope to update it regularly. If you wish to contact me about a particular person please include the # number below their name. There is a contact link at the bottom of each page.

The links at the top of this page will take you to the different family sites.

I have now added a blog where I will post information about site updates, and anything else I find interesting. There is a link at the top of each page and you can also leave comments there.

I have been helped in this research by many people, too many to acknowledge individually, so thank you to all contributors.


I use The Master Genealogist to keep track of all the information and Second Site to prepare this web site.