Transcript of Contract between the Clay Cross Company and Nahum Holden

An Agreement made this 15th day of September one thousand eight hundred and seventy five, between Charles Binns on behalf of the Clay Cross Company of Clay Cross, in the County of Derby on the one part, and Nahum Holden of Crich in the County of Derby on the other part, whereby the Clay Cross Company agree to let and the said Nahum Holden agrees to take all the smith work connected with Crich Quarries as follows.

1st Making and keeping in thorough good working order all Drills, Hammers and Crowbars, and other tools connected with Limestone Getting.

2nd Making and keeping in thorough good working order all Ironwork for Limestone Wagons.

3rd Making all ironwork connected with Inclines from the face of Quarry to Bottom of Steep Incline, excepting for Drum and Chains on Steep Incline.

4th The price for the above named work to be 1d per Wagon on all Wagons delivered at Bottom of Steep Incline.

5th The said Nahum Holden to find all Malleable Steel required for the above named work.

6th The Clay Cross Company to find all Cast Steel, Iron and Coals.

7th The sharpening of the workmen's tools to be well attended to and to be done in preference to any other work so as not to interfere with the working of the Quarry.

8th The Contract to be subject to one months notice to be given by either party to the other such notice to be given on any Pay day.

Chas Binns
Nahum Holden

Witness to the signature of the above Nahum Holden
Geo Towe

Transcribed from the original document held at the National Tramway Museum